Stand out authentically as a yoga teacher

Confidently position yourself to attract more aligned clients in this FREE 30-minute masterclass.


Does this sound like you?

  • Fear of judgement holds you back from putting yourself *out there*
  • You *post and pray* that people will somehow end up as a client
  • You’re not clear on how to tell people what you do *simply*
  • You constantly feel like an *imposter* in the industry
  • You’re creatively blocked on what to post about
  • You journal about your income goals and don’t have a strategy to get there

What if instead you…

  • Had *solar plexus* confidence in the gifts that you bring into this world
  • People understood what you did in a single sentence
  • Saw DM’s coming in with more aligned clients asking how they can work with you
  • Created profitable content with ease and grace that attracted people to purchase what you offer

What if we told you that you already have what it takes to make this happen…

And all you need is a little guidance to get there. Our latest workshop *Advance Your Yoga Biz + Impact Online* is the simplest way to get clear on how to authentically position yourself in the industry, have confidence in what you offer, and a foundational strategy to bring in consistent clients each month.



Vitina & Lesley helped me find clarity in what I offer, what I wanted to do, and the confidence to do it.


I count Align as a trusted advisor to my business! They gave me confidence and language to speak about what I offer so that it’s crystal clear what I do.


My only tip is to listen to these incredible women! They know exactly what they’re talking about.

Hey, We’re Vitina & Lesley.

When we first started our biz we were scared our friends and family would judge our content, we were aimlessly trying to grow our business with zero strategy, we had a love-hate relationship with the gram, we had a couple launches that we heard crickets, and we felt like we weren’t able to make the impact we wanted.

It was when we took the time to get clear on our messaging, the foundation of our business, that things started to change. We felt confident in what we had to offer, creating content felt more seamless, and we went from hearing crickets to a 5-figure launch.

Perhaps you struggle with getting consistent clients and making the impact you know you can make through yoga.

That’s exactly why we created *Advance Your Yoga Biz + Impact Online* workshop, for people like yourself.

We want it to be as easy and supportive for you to make a living doing what you love everyday.


Advance Your Yoga Biz + Impact Online

A foundational, 30-minute masterclass that teaches you…

  • A step-by-step strategy to bring in stable income each month
  • How to position yourself authentically to stand out in the yoga industry (aka your niche)
  • The formula to get crystal clear on your messaging to attract the *right* clients
  • How to create content that is valuable to your dream client and brings in more $$$
  • The best type of offer to dedicate your time building based on the lifestyle you want to create for yourself

So that you can save yourself time and money on your marketing and put yourself out there confidently.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Our 30-minute video training
  • 10-page workbook with guided prompts to support you in going deeper to align with your authentic self
  • 23 social media templates to update to your own brand

Are you ready to attract more aligned clients and make a bigger impact?

Join Our Free Masterclass and receive...

  • Our 30-minute video training
  • 10-page workbook with guided prompts to support you in going deeper to align with your authentic self
  • 23 social media templates to update to your own brand

Client Love

My biggest fear was investing in something that wouldn’t benefit me. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to start creating a brand because I was still uncertain about what I wanted to do. Going through this course helped me to get clear and start taking the steps to make it happen. The knowledge I received in return far exceeded any expectations.